Lemon Zest Iced Coffee


240 ml cold brewed coffee
30 ml MAUVE lemon syrup
30 ml MAUVE vanilla syrup
120 ml milk
Ice cubes



Prepare Cold Brew Coffee: Brew 240 ml of cold brew coffee or use pre-made cold brew.

Add Lemon Syrup: Stir in 30 ml of lemon syrup into the cold brew coffee.

Add Vanilla Syrup: Stir in 30 ml of vanilla syrup into the coffee.

Add Milk: Pour 120 ml of milk into the mixture.

Mix Well: Ensure that the syrups and milk are well-mixed with the cold brew coffee.

Prepare Ice Cubes: If you haven’t already, prepare a handful of ice cubes.

Fill Glass with Ice: Place the ice cubes into a glass.

Pour Coffee Mixture: Pour the lemon-infused iced coffee mixture over the ice.

Stir (Optional): Give the iced coffee a gentle stir to further mix the flavors.

Serve Immediately: Lemon Zest Iced Coffee is ready to be enjoye

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