Our products are proudly manufactured locally, showcasing our commitment to supporting and contributing to the local economy. Our production facilities are located in Jordan/Abualanda.

Yes, we prioritize sourcing high-quality ingredients locally. Supporting local farmers and businesses is a fundamental aspect of our commitment to being a 100% local brand.

Being a local brand allows us to contribute to the community by creating job opportunities, supporting local suppliers, and participating in community initiatives. We believe in fostering economic growth and sustainability at the local level.

Absolutely! Our team consists of dedicated individuals from the local community. We believe in investing in local talent and providing employment opportunities close to home.

We maintain rigorous quality control measures to ensure the freshness and quality of locally sourced ingredients. Our commitment to local sourcing is synonymous with our dedication to delivering the best to our customers.

Being a local brand contributes to sustainability by minimizing the environmental impact associated with transportation and promoting a more sustainable supply chain. We believe in reducing our carbon footprint and supporting local ecosystems.

Our local presence allows us to maintain a reliable and consistent stock. We work closely with local suppliers and have streamlined production processes to ensure that our products are readily available for our customers.

Our local facilities and partnerships with suppliers enable us to respond quickly to increased demand. We are dedicated to replenishing stock promptly to meet the needs of our customers.

Yes, our local customers can generally benefit from faster delivery times as our stock is readily available. Proximity allows us to fulfill orders efficiently, ensuring a prompt delivery experience.

we have variety of sizes 1000ml, 750ml, 250ml Depends on the flavor and requirements as mentioned on the products category


Yes, we offer a selection of sugar-free and Low-Sugar syrups. These are perfect for those looking to reduce their sugar intake without compromising on flavor.

Absolutely! Our syrups are versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. They are great for sweetening beverages, including coffee, tea, and cocktails, as well as for enhancing the flavor of desserts, sauces, and marinades.

Absolutely! Our syrups are designed to be mixable, allowing you to experiment and create your own custom flavors. Check out our recipe suggestions for inspiration.

Our syrups typically have a long shelf life 1 year. For optimal freshness, store them in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Refrigeration may be recommended for certain syrups.

We offer shipping within Jordan, and specific details about shipping, including costs and delivery times, can be found on our website. At this time, we may/may not offer international shipping.

We are committed to sustainability. Our packaging is PET and 100% recyclable, and eco-friendly

Yes, we appreciate our loyal customers. Check our website for information on any loyalty programs, discounts, or exclusive offers available to repeat customers.

We provide recipe ideas on our website to inspire you. From beverages to desserts, our syrups can be easily incorporated. Feel free to experiment and share your creations with us!

Yes, we’re always working on exciting new flavors! Stay tuned for announcements on upcoming releases and limited-edition syrups.

Quality control is a priority for us. We source the finest ingredients, and our production processes are designed to maintain consistency. Regular testing ensures that our syrups meet the highest standards.

Our syrups are available both online and in select local stores.

Information on our return policy is available on our website. If you have any inquiries or need assistance, our customer support team can be reached via [Support@mauvepremium.com].


When choosing Cash on Delivery during checkout, you simply pay the order amount in cash to the delivery person at the time of product delivery. Please have the exact amount ready for a smooth transaction.

We accept various payment methods, including digital wallets, CLIQ, and the convenience of Cash on Delivery (COD) for all orders.


Our standard delivery time is typically 3 days, Please refer to our shipping policy for more detailed information on delivery times based on your location.

Free delivery is applicable to eligible domestic orders. International shipping may have separate terms and conditions, and shipping fees will apply.

To qualify for free delivery, simply ensure that your order total is equal to or exceeds 13 JD. Orders below this amount may be subject to standard shipping fees.

Unfortunately, orders cannot be combined for the purpose of reaching the free delivery threshold. Each order must individually meet the qualifying amount for free delivery.

If you’re not available during the delivery, our courier service will usually make additional attempts or leave instructions for re-scheduling. Please check the tracking information for details.


Our standard delivery time is typically Exchanges for a different flavor may be possible, subject to our return policy. Please contact our customer support to discuss your specific situation and explore available options.3 days, Please refer to our shipping policy for more detailed information on delivery times based on your location.

Returned items should typically be in their original, unopened condition to qualify for a refund. Please review our return policy for specific details on the condition of returned items

Refunds are typically processed within 7 days after we receive the returned items. The exact timeframe may vary, and more information can be found in our return policy